Monday, February 22, 2010

Shorewood High School All-Class Reunion Picnic 7-10-10!

Save the Date!
SHS Alumni All-Class Reunion Picnic on the Front Lawn of the High School!
12 Noon to 6 pm
July 10, 2010!

Food, Music, Frisbees!

MUSIC: We are looking for 6 performers or groups to share the stage in front of the Drama Dept. steps! Would you like to play? This is the stuff dreams (and/or depending on your feelings about Shorewood, nightmares..) are made of! Come share your talents with the SHS Alumni family. Get a chance to come back and play on the lawn!

FOOD: We are engaging the Shorewood Men's Club to hopefully grill up a feast. We could have grills available for you to do your own food, however it works out. If you are interested in having a booth to sell food or anything for your group, please don't hesitate to ask.  This could be a great fundraiser to support Shorewood in all ways - PTO, Girl Scouts, you name it!

Email Subject: PICNIC! With your interest, and we'll try to get you in the play list!

Last year, the first inaugural picnic was held. Here are some photos (more coming soon) from that event!

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