Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barbara Gensler wants a Costumer for the Drama Department

Put it this way. I met with Barbara Gensler, THE Barbara Gensler, at City Market today at 10am. She had tea. She looked powerful, and I was suddenly mindful of my posture. Let me say she knows all your names and would recognize you immediately if she ran into you. She made my head spin with all the names and class years and shows and who buys tickets and who of you went on to do what, especially in theater or costumes, after Shorewood.
All she wants, and let me tell you she pays for a lot of things on her OWN, is for the costumer position to be saved. "One more year," she says, "I will stay one more year if I can just keep a costumer. A sewer (meaning Mary Kay Anderson who has been reallocated for 7th period to teach sewing) is different, and we have all these kids after school, we need a costume department. We need a costumer to make this the Shorewood Drama Department that I have given my whole career to run."

If the Alumni were to donate money, tax deductible, she could present a check to the superintendent for $15,000, and in her mind, save Drama at Shorewood.

I think we can do this. There are more things, there is a wish list, a drama endowment in the works, focused fund raising on things like a scrim, a feeder drama teacher, and more, and we'll work on all of it. Right now, we can change Barbara Gensler's life. Her new office has four giant electrical boxes outside the windows that hum and make her feel sick. She is fighting breast cancer. She went to Kenosha and directed a show that was just chosen for a National award and recognition - but she feels guilty and wants to only serve Shorewood.

Right now, at City Market, she is completely clear on this and will make the other things work, but she needs a Costumer. Can you help?

Send check to SHS Alumni Association, C/O Save Drama or whatever fun title you'd like to add. P.O. Box 11427, Shorewood, WI 53211. If you would like your name listed in the patron booklet, please send by May 1, 2010.

Below is a link to the Paypal Account that is just for this purpose. If you click the drop-down menu, there are other amounts and my attempt to be heartfelt, witty, and direct about the amounts of money. Please if you would like to donate a different amount, do not feel as if there are any rules or minimums. We are all together on this, and every effort helps.

Costumer! Need $15,000.00 by May 1, 2010 to save the position.


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