Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quick Update from the Prez

14 Days til the Picnic and Tribute on July 14th!
Three things to do today!
1 - Book your tickets! Tab to the desired event, scroll down, and be all set today!
2 - Send a message if you can't come - deadline extended, see e-z instructions below.
3 - We need volunteers for the event: 5 Grillers 11-2:30 (free beer or water for you and a lifetime of good karma!); 4 Food Servers; 4 Registration people (seated); 1 Tour/ Waiver/Flashlight manager for Tunnel tours; 2 Silent Auction/Raffle handlers; 1 Raffle Ticket roaming huckster; 1 Baton twirler; 1 Juggler; 3 Licensed Bartenders (will get license for Shorewood);1 wandering minstrel; 4 Ticket takers in the Lobby (2-3:30pm); 6 Ushers for Tribute; 4 Babysitters (shifts 11-1,1-3,3-6); and 2 Game Players with the kids. Interested? Jenny

If you can't make the Tribute for Gensler and you'd like to have been there, consider sending a message to be included in a video that will be played during the performance.

Don't overthink it, just do it! We've made it easier to send a greeting to Mrs. Gensler...just grab your smartphone, make a quick video, and email it directly to alum Mark Augustine at 10 seconds is fine, even 2 seconds makes an impact, 1 minute is max. Deadline extended to July 3. Let's show her some love!

Join the facebook chatting about both events:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Call for Your Creative Individual Photos and Videos for Tribute!

Deadline June 30!

SHS Theater Alumni and all messages for Barbara Gensler – Show Us Your Stuff! Grab your video camera, camera phone, camera and/or scanner! We need your videos and images to air during the Barbara Gensler Tribute Show. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS JUNE 30. Make sure you read the instructions below first…
• Max 1 minute long (Want an exception? Email Susan Knudten at and make your case.)
• Content ideas: record a short tribute, show what you're up to now, just say thanks! Been in a post-HS show, film, TV show or commercial? Send in a short clip!
• Short is good. We’ll combine quick ones like this: “Hi Mrs. G! I’m ___ from Class of __. Thanks for everything!” So grab a smartphone and record it now.
• If you are making a smartphone video, please be sure to hold the phone horizontally, like a TV.
• These video file formats are all OK: mov .mp4 .m4v .avi .wmv.
• More sophisticated? Output your movie in h.264, you fancypants.
• Questions? Email Mark Augustine at

• These will be projected on a large screen so higher-resolution is good.
• Ideas: old program covers, photos from shows, photos of you performing post-HS, anything fun/funny/interesting related to your SHS Drama days or that Mrs. Gensler might like to see. Maybe it’s you and your family holding a sign that says, “Thanks!” Or a shot of you teaching, public-speaking, or leading a conga line. Go ahead and get creative!

Where/How to Upload
Use this link to upload videos AND images:
• Fill in your name and email.
• In the Subject box, indicate whether you are uploading a photo, a video or both.
• In the Message box, give some details about the photos/videos, suggested text to use with photos, or any other info you would like to get across.
• Then click on the Select File button and choose your items. You can select multiple items but please explain each in your Message.
• You can also send each item separately with a description if that's simpler.

Again, DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS JUNE 30. Questions about the show? Contact Susan Knudten at