Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Very Happy Thanksgiving from the Shorewood Alumni Association!

With the snow beginning to fall and Thanksgiving around the corner, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all the members, supporters and participants in Shorewood Alumni Association events in 2015.  We also want to take this opportunity to update you about a number of events and issues affecting the Shorewood community. 

Thanks to Our 2015 New and Renewing Members
  • Joan (Deringer) Dahlin, Class of ’52
  • Shelly M. Davies (Schultz), Class of '67
  • David Greenberg, Class of '57
  • John Kois, Class of '58 (added 5/4/2016)
  • Carol McWade, Class of ’70
  • Michael J. Mitchell, Class of '65
  • James A. Morton, Class of '52
  • Nan Rebholz (Vinson), Class of '54
  • Ted Rebholz, Class of '54
  • Nancy Rothenberg-Sandler, Class of '72 (added 5/17/2016)

  • Richard Schmitz, Class of '66
  • Renee Shavers, Class of ’85
  • Jane Subeck-Goodman, Class of '61 (added 11/29/2015)
  • Thanks to Operating Fund Donors
    • Thomas Hoya, Class of '49
    • Laura (Weiss) and Brian Putnam, Class of '81
    Thanks to Our Lifetime Members
    [NOTE:  We are NOT AFFILIATED in any way with]
    • Rob Blazewick, Class of '80
    • Andrew Brunhart, Class of '70
    • Susan (Zucker) Breslau, Class of '64
    • Dennis Kois, Class of '64 (added 11/5/2016)
    • Ruthanne (Sobota) DeWolfe, Class of '51
    • Wally Dutcher, Class of '54
    • David S. Flores, Class of '72
    • Nancy Foreman-Kaufman, Class of  '67  (added 5/4/2016)
    • Alexander P. Fraser, Class of '86
    • Ruth Harris, Class of '55
    • Thomas Hoya, Class of '49 
    • Carolyn J. (Smith) Jennerjohn, Class of '60
    • Mara (Horsman) Kuhlmann, Class of '85
    • Lawrence E. Kern, Class of '61
    • Kandy Kramer, Class of '68 (added 5/15/2016)
    • Jennifer Kringel, Class of '86
    • Desty Lorino, Class of '74
    • Betsy Munzer, Class of '58
    • Anne Pelton-Bennett, Class of '53
    • Laura (Weiss) and Brian Putnam, Class of '81
    • Pamela Roby, Class of '60
    • Peggy (John) Roell, Class of '77
    • Judy (Colosimo) Saeger, Class of '59
    • Tom Saeger, Class of '62
    • Jenny Steinman Heyden, Class of '86
    • Samuel T. and Donna M. Swansen, Class of '55
    • Chris Trost, Class of '78
    • Jean (Metzler) Williams, Class of '65
    • Mark Wallner, Class of '73
    • Christin Wille, Class of  '93 (added 5/4/2016)
    • Barbara A. Wright, Class of '71
    • Andy Zukrow, Class of '82
    Thanks to Our Other Supporters
    • Thanks to all of this year’s class reunion organizers including Jean Strnad Lazarus, Lynn LeGrand, Kris Coffey, Dick Beverly, Carol McWade, Desty Lorino, Lorie (Nankin) Wertheimer, Geri Berg, Jonathan Colburn, Natasha Kavalauskas Hernandez, and Eero Wasserman.  Each of these folks (and others) gave the Alumni Association, and more importantly, their respective classmates the opportunity to reunite and reconnect with Shorewood High School in 2015.  Thanks also to the Class of '65, which donated remaining reunion proceeds totaling $700 to the Watershed Wisdom program at SHS.  
    • A HUGE THANK YOU is also in order to the Shorewood School District staff, particularly Ted Knight, Shorewood School District Advancement Director, and Katelin Watson, Communications Director, for assisting class reunion organizers plan their events, coordinating school tours, and overseeing the implementation of new software that will allow the Shorewood Alumni Association to better serve its members.
    • Thanks to all alumni and friends who attended the All-Class Reunion & Family Gathering at Hubbard Park on July 11.  The large turnout provided alumni and friends from many different classes the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce about the "good old days."
    • Special thanks to outgoing board members Bill Trost (Class of '53) and Desty Lorino (Class of '75) for their contributions to the Alumni Association over the past 5+ years.
    Announcements and Upcoming Events
    • We are thrilled to report that the "Meet the Match" campaign successfully raised $1,000,000 to support innovative learning programs in the Shorewood School District.  Over the past seven months, Shorewood families and community members opened their homes to host fundraising events.  Over 340 donations were received from community members, parents, alumni, regional foundations, education advocates, and other organizations and supporters.   Thanks to all alumni who supported the campaign.  Click on the following link to read more about the campaign and how Shorewood Schools are continuing the Tradition of Excellence:
    • Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 7:25 pm - Packers vs Lions Alumni Gathering.  Come cheer on the Packers with members of the Shorewood Alumni Association at Three Lions Pub, 4515 N. Oakland Ave., Shorewood, WI. 
    • Saturday, July 9, 2016 - All-Class Reunion & Family Gathering.  Details to follow as the event nears. 
    • Saturday, August 6, 2016 - Class of 1976 40th Reunion.  Organizers:  David Banaszynski, Joan Walsh, Cathy Nelson, Peter Chow, and Martine Tate. Details to follow as the event nears.

    On behalf of the Shorewood Alumni Association Board, we wish you and yours all the best for the holiday season and 2016!

    Brian Spahn, President, Class of ‘94

    All-Volunteer Shorewood Alumni Association Board and Officers
    President, Brian Spahn, Class of ‘94
    Vice President, Eric Couto, Class of ‘97
    Treasurer, Martha Valovic-Bodden, Class of ‘94
    Chris Trost, Class of ‘78
    Nancy Peske, Class of ‘80
    Ted Knight, Shorewood School District Advancement Director
    Tim Kenney, Shorewood High School Principal