Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to all SHS Alumni Association Members, Volunteers and Supporters!

Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to reflect, remember and give thanks. 

In that spirit, we want to express our gratitude for your support and participation in SHS Alumni Association events and fundraising efforts in 2013. 

Thanks to Our 2013 New and Renewed Members
  • Paul Augustine, Class of 1982
  • Gina (Nortrom) Bashour, Class of 1984
  • J Michael Bloom, SHS Science Faculty
  • Margi (Scharf) and Neil Brown, Class of 1953
  • Nelson Chiu, Class of 1979
  • Laura Clark, Class of 1981
  • Robert W. Curtis, Class of 1941
  • Georgeanne (Nelson) & Marsh Cusic, Class of 1963
  • Bob Diederich, Class of 1975
  • Irwin Feldman, Class of 1957
  • Jacqueline Fendler
  • Abigail Fowler, Class of 1988
  • Amanda Gilman, Class of 1994
  • Tom Gregory, Class of 1958
  • Janet Heller, Class of 1967
  • Frank Howard, Class of 1961
  • Cristoffer Ippolite
  • David Johnstone, Class of 1975
  • Doris Kitazaki, Class of 1986
  • Tiffany Koehler, Class of 1988
  • Dominique Love, Class of 1988
  • Sheila Lynch, Class of 1979
  • Carol (Ladwig) McWade, Class of 1970
  • Michael Mitchell, Class of 1965
  • Pablo Muirhead, Class of 1989
  • Mary Lynn Murtaugh, Class of 1975
  • Tuffy (Crean) Nell, Class of 1958
  • Wendy Pribbanow, Class of 1963
  • Butch Proctor, Class of 1975
  • Thayer Reed, Class of 1987
  • Jack Roser, Class of 1952
  • Mike Spector, Class of 1958
  • Susan Stehling, Class of 1979
  • Joe Turecek, Class of 1973
  • Bill Unger, Class of 1952
  • Krista Vasos, Class of 1973
  • Christin Wille, Class of 1993
  • Oscar Wille, Class of 1993
            Thanks also to the Willes for their generous donation to the Alumni Association!
  • Nico Zila, Class of 1998

Thanks to Our Lifetime Members
[NOTE:  We are NOT AFFILIATED in any way with]
  • Rob Blazewick, Class of 1980
  • Susan (Zucker) Breslau, Class of 1964
  • Doris H. (Hersh) Chortek, Class of 1942
  • David S. Flores, Class of 1972
  • Alexander P. Fraser, Class of 1986
  • Carolyn J. (Smith) Jennerjohn, Class of 1960
  • Mara (Horsman) Kuhlmann, Class of 1985
  • Lawrence E. Kern, Class of 1961
  • Jennifer Kringel, Class of 1986
  • Desty Lorino, Class of 1974
  • Anne Pelton-Bennett, Class of 1953
  • Pamela Roby, Class of 1960
  • Peggy (John) Roell, Class of 1977
  • Jenny Steinman Heyden, Class of 1986
  • Samuel T. and Donna M. Swansen, Class of 1955
  • Jean (Metzler) Williams, Class of 1965
  • Mark Wallner, Class of 1973
  • Barbara A. Wright, Class of 1971
  • Andy Zukrow, Class of 1982

Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsors and Supporters
  • ESG by Honeywell
  • Lakefront Brewery
  • Three Lions Pub

Thanks to Our Other Supporters
  • Thanks to this year's 300+ attendees and volunteers at July’s All Class Reunion and Community Picnic.  We appreciate your contributions through event purchases and time.
  • Thanks to the Class of 1963, and class leader Kathy Chilton, who did an amazing job renovating the SHS Teachers’ Lounge (Staff Lounge) and made a big impression on Shorewood residents and district employees (read about it in Shorewood Now).
  • Thanks to the Class of 1961, whose $4,000 contribution resulted in the construction of two beautiful display cases in the lobby of the Shorewood High School Auditorium.
Class of 1961 Gift - New Auditorium Display Cases
If your class would also like to make a lasting impression on Shorewood High School, please email Rachel Vesco at the Shorewood High School office for ideas, or call her at (414) 963-6901.

In Memoriam

We would like to honor and acknowledge the contributions of board member Bill Evans, Class of '75, who passed away earlier this year.  Bill was an avid supporter of the SHS Alumni Association and a significant contributor to its success over the years.  He will be greatly missed. 

The SHS Alumni Association Board wishes you and yours all the best for the holiday season and 2014! 

Chris Trost, Treasurer, Class of ‘78

P.S.  Thanks to the SHS Alumni Association Board, as well as the high school administration and staff for their time and effort in making 2013 a year to remember!

SHS Alumni Board and Officers

Jenny Heyden, SHS Alumni Board President, SHS Class of '86
Vice President, Bill Trost Class of '53
Treasurer, Chris Trost, Class of ‘78
Secretary, Jennifer Kringel, Class of '86
Merchandise Director, Rachel De Hartog, Class of '95
Desty Lorino, Class of '75
Doris Kitazaki, Class of '86
Nancy Peske, Class of '80


Please Support the SHS Alumni Association

The SHS Alumni Association appreciates all of its members and encourages you to join!  Membership donations and gear sales make up the entire budget of the Alumni Association - everything else is designated for Shorewood Schools.  When you join the Alumni Association, you are helping out the organization with $25 a year or $250 for a lifetime!   Your membership dues go towards keeping you up-to-date about the school and area,  such as printing of invitations and newsletter, website hosting and domain renewal, postage, and up-front event costs.


Click on the link above to join or make a tax-deductible donation to the Shorewood High School Alumni Association.  We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (EIN# 35-2198274).


Click on the link above to order adult and kids T-shirts and dinks!
  • ADULT RED or GRAY Alumni T-shirts (mens/ladies crew neck and ladies v-neck) in all sizes, $15 non-members or $10 for members!
  • YOUTH RED T-shirts, one-sies and rompers in various sizes with "Future Shorewood High School Alumni" in white lettering, $15 non-members or $10 for members!
  • DINKS in RED with GRAY letter S, “One Size Barely Fits Any," $10 non-members or $8 for members!
Order online or email with your T-shirt/one-sie/romper order.  Be sure to specify SIZE, address, and preferred payment method.  We will email or call you to confirm your order and indicate where to send payment (e.g., check payable to SHS Alumni Association, PO Box 11427, Shorewood, WI 53211).


If you are interested in volunteering in event or fundraising efforts, or filling current/upcoming Board vacancies, please email Chris Trost or call him at (414) 526-4730.  We anticipate exciting new opportunities to expand alumni outreach to further our mission and that of the Shorewood School District.  You could make a big contribution to our success!