Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Thanksgiving "Thank You" to All SHS Alumni Association Supporters!

Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to reflect, remember and give thanks. 

In that spirit, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and participation in SHS Alumni Association events and fundraising activities in 2014. 

Thanks to Those Providing Generous Legacy Gifts to the Association
  • The Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Samuel K. and Doris Hersh Chortek (Class of ‘42) Fund
Thanks to Our 2014 New and Renewing Members
  • Sandra Abramson, Class of '67
  • Leah Joy (Mandelker) Axelrod, Class of ‘47
  • Lawrence Bechler, Class of '68
  • Richard Beverly, Class of '65
  • Amy Blackman, Class of '88
  • Leah M Blankenship, Class of '02
  • Barbara Brachman Fried, Class of '60
  • Marjorie Brown, Class of '53
  • Robert Curtis, Class of '41
  • Joan (Deringer) Dahlin, Class of ’52 (Added April 2015)
  • Linda (Schmitz) Devitt, Class of '67
  • Irwin Feldman, Class of '57
  • Marcy Goldman, Class of '62
  • Jane (Reisman) Subeck-Goodman, Class of '61
  • Dave Greenberg, Class of '57
  • John Kois, Class of '58
  • Bruce Larkin, Class of '54
  • Jason Lockwood, Class of '84
  • Todd Martin, Class of '67
  • Steve Mattana, Class of '68
  • Carol McWade, Class of ’70 (Added December 2014)
  • Mary Lynn Murtaugh, Class of '75
  • Ralph North, Class of '54
  • Sara (Somers) Perlberg, Class of '82
  • Marshall Pierson, Class of '62
  • Renee Shavers, Class of ’85 (Added December 2014)
  • Jerry Shlensky, Class of '41
  • John Stricklin, Class of ‘61
  • Thomas Smeltzer, Class of '54
  • Dorothy Triplett, Class of '56
  • Elizabeth (Kirkbride) Vaden, Class of '79
  • David Vinson, Class of '55
  • Adrian Wolff, Class of '91
  • Susan (Luedtke) Zuelsdorf, Class of '76
Thanks to Operating Fund Donors
  • Alan Bensman, Class of '55
  • Ruthanne (Sobota) DeWolfe, Class of ‘51
  • Thomas Hoya, Class of '49 (Added December 2014)
  • Laura (Weiss) and Brian Putnam, Class of '81 (Added December 2014)
Thanks to Scholarship Fund Donors
  • SH Sieverts, Class of '52
Thanks to Our Lifetime Members
[NOTE:  We are NOT AFFILIATED in any way with AlumniClass.com]
  • Rob Blazewick, Class of '80
  • Susan (Zucker) Breslau, Class of '64
  • Ruthanne (Sobota) DeWolfe, Class of '51 (New in 2014)
  • Wally Dutcher, Class of '54
  • David S. Flores, Class of '72
  • Alexander P. Fraser, Class of '86
  • Ruth Harris, Class of '55 (new in 2014)
  • Thomas Hoya, Class of '49 (Added December 2014)
  • Carolyn J. (Smith) Jennerjohn, Class of '60
  • Mara (Horsman) Kuhlmann, Class of '85
  • Lawrence E. Kern, Class of '61
  • Jennifer Kringel, Class of '86
  • Desty Lorino, Class of '74
  • Betsy Munzer, Class of '58 (New in 2014)
  • Anne Pelton-Bennett, Class of '53
  • Laura (Weiss) and Brian Putnam, Class of '81 (Added December 2014)
  • Pamela Roby, Class of '60
  • Peggy (John) Roell, Class of '77
  • Judy (Colosimo) Saeger, Class of '59
  • Tom Saeger, Class of '62
  • Jenny Steinman Heyden, Class of '86
  • Samuel T. and Donna M. Swansen, Class of '55
  • Jean (Metzler) Williams, Class of '65
  • Mark Wallner, Class of '73
  • Barbara A. Wright, Class of '71
  • Andy Zukrow, Class of '82
Thanks to Our Other Supporters
  • Thanks to those who follow this page and our FaceBook page. Our FaceBook page has become the principal means by which the Association and alumni share timely stories about themselves, reunions, fellow classmates, Shorewood High memories, and special activities.  Please feel free to post articles of interest to the alumni community on our FaceBook page.
  • Thanks to class reunion organizers, who give us the opportunity to spread the word about upcoming reunions, help them locate missing classmates, and help alumni get back in touch with each other and Shorewood High.  
  • Thanks to Shorewood School District staff, in particular, Ted Knight, Shorewood School District Advancement Director, and Katelin Watson, Communications Director, for including alumni news in school district newslettersorchestrating organized and impromptu school tours, and making it possible for interested alumni to "pay it forward" though a variety of charitable giving programs benefiting Shorewood High School.  

On behalf of the SHS Alumni Association Board, I wish you and yours all the best for the holiday season and 2015! 

Chris Trost, Acting President & Treasurer, Class of ‘78

All-Volunteer SHS Alumni Board and Officers

Acting President & Treasurer, Chris Trost, Class of ‘78
Vice President, Bill Trost, Class of '53
Desty Lorino, Class of '75
Nancy Peske, Class of '80

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