Monday, July 19, 2010

Note from the President of the Alumni Association

Just a week on the heels of our SHS All Class Reunion came the news that a 15 year old boy named Adam Hernandez faced trial for an in-school theft that happened on March 30, 2010.  For some reason, the event escalated to a handcuffed arrest by the in-school police presence (a presence which is not uncommon in schools).   As of today, July 19, 2010, at noon, all charges have been dropped. 
The issue of in-house police at SHS and the informed follow-through on such cases this is becoming something that will warrant further discussion by the community, the school board, and the police department.  For now, please rest assured the charges have been dropped.  The Shorewood Police Dept has issued a public statement.

The story was covered in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel on 7/20 - the rally did happen, and the discussion has now shifted to putting Shorewood on the forefront of the national discussion about police/high school disciplinary lines.

For more information or to comment, do so here, or email off line if you prefer:

-Jenny Steinman Heyden
SHS Alumni President

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Your SHS Alumni Assn: Weird Email

If you get this, it's not us. We will never charge you access to come home and connect with classmates.

Jenny Steinman Heyden
SHS Alumni President
The Real Site: (a true nonprofit 501c3 organization)

SAMPLE email of the Not-Us Website:
"-----Original Message-----
From: Shorewood Alumni <>
Subject: Shorewood Alumni Site

"Greetings Alumni,

One more chance before the Shorewood Alumni site goes to an annual fee. Hurry and become a lifetime member now while it is still a one time $10.00 fee.

Use this link to become an upgraded lifetime member:

Thanks for your support!

Regards, Randy
Alumni Webmaste"


A Very Special Weekend

Dear SHS Alumni Community past, present and future: Shorewood is a special Place.

Volunteers, participants, band members - we are all equally responsible for a wonderful weekend of hugs and welcoming each other back home.

Here's to the little engine that could, for making stone soup turn into a united village, and for so many warm and wonderful feelings towards one another, the school, and the place we all called home at one point.

It is very special to me to be able to make this happen, and I love that people from the Classes of 1933 to 2010 ran into people they haven't seen in years. How could this NOT be an annual event?! Same time next year!

Uh Rah Rah Rah, Shorewood red and grey, you are my home, you are my family, you are the closely knit community that will now help me raise my children. It was a magical and transcendent weekend that overrode all organizational boundaries within the district. Thank you so much for letting me lead. Thank you for trusting me that this wacky huge party idea was going to be a hit, and thank you for everyone who came forward to contribute.

To share your pictures: Upload them here and check out others' pictures!

Check out John O'Hara's professional photographer's Handiwork! Any orders from this site go to help the SHS Alumni Association!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank you to Megan O'Halloran!

Megan O'Halloran is an employee at Assurant Health, who applied for and received a $20 matching gift from her employer for the Shorewood High School Alumni Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that supports the School District of Shorewood.  We applaud Megan on this groundbreaking effort to provide a matching gift to a donation - it is a wonderful initiative. Thank you, Megan!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Here is late-breaking info on the Concert, the Walk, the Picnic and the Movie!
A few answers: basically are all YES! 
Yes, we will have a sign board to find other members in your class, at the concert and the picnic.
Yes, you can just call to get tickets and other items 414-534-6287.
Yes, we will have a WillCall at your event for pickup.
Yes, if you are in town we will deliver your tickets/shirts ahead of the event.

Sunday, July 4:
7:20 AM Listen (online  to WMYX 99.1 to an interview with Tony Lorino, SHS Alum and Radio professional, and Jenny Steinman Heyden, your SHS Alumni President!

3:30PM - 4th of July Parade from Oakland/Kensington to Shorewood High School!  Come and wave and count the SHS ALL CLASS REUNION tshirts!

Wednesday, July 7:
Big Tent arrives to the Shorewood High School Front Lawn!

Thursday, July 8:
Evening ..listen, Shorewood..- the Band assembles to rehearse in an undisclosed location! Can you hear them rocking a house in Shorewood?  There is greatness in our midsts!

Friday: July 9: The CONCERT
The Concert at 7pm in the big gym at SHS is going to be a wild and fun romp and music extravaganza!!
Tickets: Avoid the lines at the door and order online or call Jenny's cell phone 414-534-6287 to order easily with a major credit card. Order online - you can use any major credit card - don't log in to paypal if you don't want to - just say "Continue without logging in" when it asks you, and you'll be Paypal free!

We'll hold your tickets at WillCall for you (Shorewood folks, give us a delivery address and our new fleet of carrier pigeons will deliver them).  

Pre-Concert Happy Hour at Oakcrest Tavern: discount on Miller products before the show 5-7pm. 
Pre-Concert Wine and Cheese Reception at Garden Room/Anaba Tea Room before the show 4-6pm.

Saturday: July 10!
The WALK: Register at 8am, Walk at 9 from the SHS FRONT LAWN!
Walk maps will be available day of the event.  Pre-register by calling Jenny's cell 414-534-6287 or online. The best deal on shirts is to be had by doing this! Family of five is $25 and everyone gets a shirt!  Bango the Fear the Deer will be joining us, accompanied by alumni musicians. Each school will be visited and there will be coffee and light fare out front of Atwater and Lake Bluff, courtesy of Alterra.

The PICNIC 12-6: No registration required, the Picnic is free (though donations accepted)
Message board available to let other alumni in your class you are here, and table tents with a Sharpie will be available to mark your class table or area! Bring cash to buy food, drinks, beer, shirts from Lake Bluff and Atwater, the Reunion, the concert, hats, and get a greyhound painted on your butt. er will be availble for the baked items. Music and fun, Race at the track at 3, and air conditioning will be available in the Youth Center which is wheelchair accessible. Assistance with parking available; there are designated blue card spaces in the parking lot of the school.

The Shorewood Auditorium, David Zucker introduces Airplane! - recently written up in the New York Times. Suggested $5 donation towards the weekend's events and to celebrate Shorewood!
We will also screen the Class of 2010 (Welcome New Alumni!) All School video featuring every interest group including Ripples, Sports, and more before the show.  The production instructions for the making of this video are on display in the Administration building front hall - very intricate! The new District video will be shown after the movie and during the picnic in the administration building.

Sunday, July 11:
Benji's may be a bit swamped - we can have a mini reunion in the parking lot. Please send an email to if you are planning to go to Benji's on Sunday morning - we'll try to coordinate with the owners about having coffee available in the parking lot!

See you soon!