Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ALERT: is NOT Shorewood High School Alumni Association

Dear gentle alumni,

It has come to our attention recently that many of you are likely being asked for money by an organization posing as the Shorewood High School Alumni Association. As your president, I would like to address this issue immediately. Do not confuse with the nonprofit volunteer Shorewood High School Alumni Association located in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Do not "support" their "Alumni site." It is not a donation to the Shorewood effort. It is a for profit company that goes after every school in the country, copies their logos, scams members, and tricks thousands of people out of funds that would otherwise go to support the public schools.

It starts innocently enough. You go to, you see Shorewood, and there are pictures of classmates there. So you join. What happens next is happening to many - the site starts tricking you into a "Lifetime Membership" which it then deducts from a credit card monthly, or takes as a sum.

This is not going to the school, nor to the actual alumni association. This is not a tax deductible donation. This is money you are now paying to to continue to spam others to do the same. They falsely recognize free members as "fellow lifetime members."

While we work to battle this confusion, loss of revenue, and destructive company, please know we want to protect you. Don't send them money. If you'd like to donate to the school or the real alumni organization, the one that is run by volunteers and folds flyers at the Village Pub once in a while, who demands the red and grey on gear and holds the annual picnic (coming up July 13), then do. But do not confuse the two. We are not

Be well,
Jenny Steinman Heyden