Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alumni Association Year in Review

This past year, Shorewood Alumni Association has prepared for growth by securing relationships within the High School and Community, and reaching out in new ways. It has made a concerted effort to make only targeted expenditures to connect with SHS and the community, while gearing up for long-term savings and endowments in the near future. Your donation to the SHS Alumni Association is not only appreciated, but directly connects your past with the future. Whether your donation is for annual membership, in honor of one of the memorial funds, or is for a coming endowment for drama or another area you specify, we are committed to making sure 100% of your donation is used toward that purpose.

The Annual SHS Alumni Spending for 2009:
SHS Student Council for Homecoming Festivities and Community Movie on Front Lawn $100
SHS Alumni Domain Name, Listserve creation and hosting $334 ( yrs)
Notecards and Identifying marketing pieces: $400 (to last approx. 3 years)
Summer Newsletter Printing and Postage $850
All-Class Reunion Picnic - Signage, Postcards, Cake $200
IRS application and copies $306.40 (one-time fee)
State of Wisconsin Filing Fee, Back Fees $60 (will reduce to $10 annually)
Shorewood Business Improvement District for Butterfly Exhibit $295
SEED Event Advertisement in Book 1/4 Page ad $125

Generous In-kind donations in 2009 were received from Alumni:
Park Registration Fees for All-Class Reunion Picnic (Rebekah Allison Hammerlund)
2 Professional SHS Alumni Association Banners, stakes, rope (Regis Marketing)
Legal Fees for 1023 IRS Preparation and submission (Jackie Boynton, Esq.)
Food, Coffee for meetings (Board President)

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